Cheapest Double Door Fridge To Buy in Kenya



One of my readers asked me to recommend the cheapest double door fridge to buy in Kenya. I have one fridge I have always recommended for people who want to spend less but have quality fridge.

Bruhm BRD140 is the fridge I would recommend for people who are planning to spend less than Ksh 25,000.The fridge can store up to 120L of stock.It is 6.5 ft tall and is silver in colour.

If you aren’t aware, the best fridge to own in your house is one with two doors. People who have owned it, including me, would tell why they are in love with this fridge over single door fridge. The simple answer is, it’s long lasting.

The fridge currently costs Ksh 22,900 and can be purchased from Jumia.If you check the price of other double door fridges, you will realize they are costing up to Ksh200,000.

After you have made the order, the fridge will be delivered into your home and if you don’t like the fridge, you can cancel the order.

To make it easy for you,here is where to purchase the fridge (purchase link)