This is Why  Babu Owino Needs Your Prayers



Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino needs your prayers more than any Kenyan. The MP is currently at Kibera Court after he was arrested over assault case, a case that was resurrected after he rattled the first family.

The youthful MP has created more enemies than friends, majority of them from Mount Kenya. Though his popularity has soured, Kenyans ought to pray for him.

Babu will be released today, but his friends suggest he better stay in the cell than to expose himself once released..he is now the target.

In the same breath, Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has condemned the way the legislature was manhandled even after paying Ksh500,000 cash bail.

“As ODM Deputy Party Leader, I am concerned by the rearrest after discharge of Embakassi East ODM Mp Hon. Babu Owino.

I am particularly concerned by the conduct of the police involved in this incident. I would wish to remind security officers that we will hold each one of you individually culpable in the event of any harm to the member of parliament.

I would like to remind everyone in the security services, that through the will of God, everything eventually comes to an end. It always does. We are a nation of laws and should behave as such.

Finally, Let it be known to all. That we shall not relent in our pursuit of electoral justice. This country SHALL and MUST have free and fair elections”,the governor said in a Facebook post.

NASA leader,Raila Odinga ,has also condemned the manner in which the government has treated Babu.Here is what he said:

“The National Super Alliance is deeply disturbed about the decision of the State to re-arrest Embakasi East MP Hon. Babu Owino shortly after his release on bail this afternoon.

We are concerned that the State is resorting to persecution, banditry and torture tactics where application and observation of the rule of law would suffice.

There is no justification whatsoever why the State did not consolidate its cases against Hon. Babu Owino and present them in court at once. The re-arrest of the MP is an act of intimidation of Members of Parliament with a view to having them toe the line of the Executive.

NASA condemns this trend and demands that it stops immediately. We call on President Kenyatta to lead the way in ensuring the rule of law is adhered to and that the State does not abuse and use the courts to intimidate legislators and all citizens”