How to Increase your AdSense Clicks


How to Increase your AdSense Clicks

AdSense is the primary source of income for most bloggers. Since earnings depend on the number of clicks, bloggers have to look for a way to increase net clicks.

Before I resorted to affiliate and direct marketing, I was using Google AdSense. And there is something I did that increased the number of clicks by 500%, which resulted to significant increase in earnings.

As you know, if you click adverts on your site, Google will ban you due to invalid clicks. It’s therefore important to avoid clicking adverts on your website or soliciting for clicks.

For you to increase the number of clicks, here are tricks to employ.

  1. SEO Ranking

Research shows that traffic from social media is poor-it doesn’t match one from search engines. More often, when you share your articles on social media, chances of your readers clicking on adverts are minimal.

The only way to increase click through rate is by increase your blog SEO ranking. To do this, you have to master long tail keywords .These words are the ones people search for online. If you aren’t good in that, you can start using Long Tail Keyword tool (You can see the tool here)

Another way to increase your blog SEO ranking is by using SEMrush tool (SEO tool link)

After you have signed up to the tools, your organic traffic will increase significantly, translating to more clicks, hence revenue surge.

I know you are wondering how increase in SEO ranking will improve click through rate. It’s common sense that when someone is searching for information online, he is desperate for that information. If by chance he lands on your article, he will read through and click on the ad that contains the products he wanted to purchase. It’s rare for a desperate reader to overlook an ad he believes contains the very product we was searching for.

Social media works the opposite way. In social media, the article is shared, meaning, 100% of your fans did not search for that information, but were forced to read. There are high chances that none of the readers will click on your blog ads.

  1. Website theme

Any experienced blogger will tell you, out of experience that the theme you use for your blog contributes immensely to the number of clicks your blog receives. If you are using a free theme, chances are that you are not at liberty to place adverts on strategic positions, where readers will easily click the ads. This is the reason why you are advised to buy a premium theme. Most premium themes cost $59,which is cheap.

Currently, I am using Newspaper Theme, which I purchased through this link(Newspaper theme link).I have used the theme for 3 years and I don’t have any plans to change it since it has served me perfectly, I can rate is 99%.I will tell you later why I love this theme.

  1. Ad placement

The most important thing after you have purchased a WordPress Theme is ad placement. In Google AdSense, any changes you make in regards to ad placement will impact on the number of clicks you get. From my own experience, when I place ads on the header, sidebar, inside the article and below the article, I get optimum results. I have tested different ad formats and gor the best results when I used these ads.

In the header, the best performing ad is 728*90.When I use t 300*600 ad in the sidebar, the results are amazing. I regularly use 728*90 ad, which I place in the third line of an article. The best size for article bottom is 360*280 and for mobile it must be 360*250.The header style should be 5,which will push the header ad nearer the article.

The ad placement described here is for those who are using Newspaper Theme.

If your AdSense click through rate is low, you should buy a theme that will allow you play with ad locations. I have suggested you try Newspaper Theme, which doesn’t require a plugin for ad placement.

  1. Relevant and useful content

Another easy way to attract high number of clicks is by providing relevant and useful content. When you write an article about web hosting, make sure the reader does not get bored before he leaves your website. If your article convinces your reader to the extent of not moving to another blog to search for similar information, be sure that guy will click on any ad he will spot in your website.

Most bloggers actually write content simply because they are paid to write. This means they have not put themselves in the shoes of their readers. Those who believe in answering readers’ questions through their content often receive more clicks, simply because they provide useful information.

  1. Page views

Without having readers on your blog, there is no way it will attract clicks. Before you do anything, make sure your blog has enough number of readers, that is the only way you can be assured of clicks.