Can I buy a phone from Safaricom or Jumia?



Last week someone asked me whether he should buy a smartphone from Jumia or Safaricom.The individual wanted to buy a Ksh15,000 smartphone but he wasn’t sure about the quality of smartphones sold by Jumia.He had spotted a nice phone sold by the company and wanted to hear my views. I told him I would answer him through a blog post, and this is what I am about to answer.

My first phone I owned was from Safaricom Kenya. The phone was from Nokia Company and cost me Ksh 8, 999.Sadly, it dropped into water as I was washing clothes. By that time, Jumia was new in Kenya and few people had purchased products from them. Since I had seen one of my friends buy a smartphone from them,I decided to give it a try. I went online, scrolled through a list of smartphone in Jumia website and singled out one. I then went to Safaricom website to see how much the same phone cost. To my surprise, Safaricom had priced it at  Ksh 20,000 more,Ksh 4,000 more.

Since I didn’t want to disappoint my friend who had referred me to Jumia,I decided to buy the smartphone. It’s now 4 years since I bought the phone. I used it until it was outdated, and decided to give my younger brother who had just completed form four. He then gave it to our cousin who is always broke. They have thanked me severally for having bought such a phone.

After I realized Jumia had the best deal, I resolved to make it my business to refer other friends who are buying smartphones. But before they buy, I make sure they have compared the prices of phones between Jumia and Safaricom, but Safaricom hardly price their phones lower than Jumia.

One major advantage of buying from Jumia is that they deliver the products to your doorstep, thus saving you time and the risk of moving around with cash. The company’s products are also genuine and of high quality.

The only disadvantage of buying from Jumia is, you have to wait for one or two days for a product you have purchased to be delivered..but since you aren’t in a hurry, you should wait anyway.

Today, I challenge you to compare prices of phones sold by Safaricom and Jumia,you will notice a big difference.

If you are interested to buy a smartphone from Jumia,here is a link(Jumia smartphone link)