Best Native Adverts To Use Alongside Google AdSense-MGID


Best Native Adverts To Use Alongside Google AdSense-MGID

MGID has seen massive growth in terms of publishers joining the native advertising program. Those who are using AdSense and are willing to have more adverts on their websites find MGID appealing as it has the best RPM and click through rates.Personally,I am using MGID and the RPM is averages more than 1.50

It’s very unfortunate that most people believe Taboola and Outbrain are the best even before they test other native advertising networks. Personally, I thought so but experience has proved otherwise. I am now firmly with MGID.

I joined MGID after being referred by a friend who was using it in his blog.I actually signed up through this link .After I applied,my site was approved within two hours.I then created a code which I put in the website.

My first month RPM was .62 but when I was assigned Account Manager,the RPM grew by 100% which resulted to significant increase in revenue.

The good thing about MGID is that you can use it alongside Google AdSense and interestingly,you will get amazing results.

Conditions for approval.

To be approved,you must have a website that receives at least 3,000 daily page views..but you can apply even if your site has less traffic.Once approved,you will start making money immediately.

If you want to sign up,here is the sign up  link