What Raila Plans to Do Immediately He Lands in Kenya from UK



Raila Odinga travelled to the UK yesterday night and he is expected to stay there for the next one week. The Enigma will land in the country one week to the repeat presidential elections, but not many can predict his next step.

Apparently, Raila went to the UK for medical check-up and to meet some of his financiers. After his mission, he will embark on a long and tiresome one week.

Information not in the public domain indicates the opposition leader was shocked by the court ruling that allowed all presidential candidates in the August 8 poll to participate in the repeat contest. The ruling sealed all the loopholes Raila could use to arm-twist the government into accepting a coalition government.Raila’s decision to withdraw from the contest was meant to force IEBC to push election date to a later date, which could lead to a political crisis and eventually a coalition government, but after High Court clarified that elections can go on anyway,Raila had no option but to change his strategy.

Confirmed information from ODM reveals that Raila won’t participate in the repeat poll even if they force him to. The NASA presidential candidate has, however, planned to ensure no elections will happen in his strongholds, especially Nyanza.Raila plans to do a mother of all demonstrations to push for implementation of his irreducible minimum reforms. Thereafter, he will ensure no elections will occur in his strongholds.

What Kenyans should not hope for is Raila to participate in the planned elections. The ODM leader has not campaigned ,like any human being, he can’t stand any form of defeat-the best option is to disrupt the election.