Has Your Blog Been Rejected by AdSense, Apply for MGID and Earn over $1000 per Month


Has Your Blog Been Rejected by AdSense, Apply for MGID and Earn over $1000 per Month

‘If your blog has been rejected by AdSense, don’t worry, join MGID and earn over $1000 per month.

The reason why I am writing this is because I am using MGID and I have first-hand experience. I feel I am best placed to advise you to join the program so that you can feel how I am feeling. Since I joined MGID,I have realized it’s a good revenue platform many bloggers aren’t aware of. I now feel home and ready to share with other bloggers the good aspects of this program.

Several of you, after being rejected by AdSense, you quit blogging-that’s not how blogging should be. Once your blog is rejected, you ought to look for other ways of generating income from the blog. You can take example of this blog, you won’t see any AdSense advert but we are actively publishing articles. We make over $600 from MGID alone, which is good since it’s placed in one location of the blog.

MGID has RPM of 0.60 to 1.5 at initial stages, but with time, the RPM grows to above $1.0.In most cases, AdSense RPM ranges between 0.50 to 0.2.If you compare the two, you won’t notice any difference.

If your blog receives more than 3,000 daily traffic, MGID will readily accept you into their platform. Once you have been approved, you will generate a code and start using it on your blog. If you are unable to generate a code, you can contact us for advise. For those who wish to join MGID, here is the sign up  link

Another thing that I almost forgot is that you are allowed to use MGID alongside AdSense without your blog getting banned by AdSense.If you have a blog that is currently using Google AdSense,you can apply for MGID and use both in your blog to generate more revenue. Here is a sign up link(Sign up link)