Evidence That You Can Make Money online Through Kilimall Affiliate Program


Evidence That You Can Make Money online Through Kilimall Affiliate Program

If you have joined Kilimall Affiliate program and never got lucky to make money online, I would like to encourage by providing proof that the program works. Perhaps you are wondering whether the program is genuine of a scam, here is evidence the program is genuine.

I joined Kilimall affiliate program to months ago and since then I have been making consistent amount. But yesterday was a surprise when someone purchased three items at more than Ksh 100,000 and I managed to make over Ksh 9,500.So in a single day I made almost Ksh10,000.

Here is a screenshot.

From the screenshot above,you can see someone purchased one item for Ksh 39,750 and out of this I made Ksh 3,180.The screenshot has several other items I have sold over the week and they total over Ksh 10,000.

For those who have already joined,I will explain in details how to market the products,and for those who haven’t joined,here is the affiliate program sign up link

Now assuming you have already joined and you haven’t earned anything,the best way to promote the company products is through product review.In other words,you should write a short description of the products,detailing the pros and cons of the items you are promoting.After writing the review,post it on your website,Facebook page,Twitter account or WhatsApp group-you can also email the article to your friends.But remember you must have a link directing your readers to Kilimall products.If you don’t know how to use deeplinking generator,you can use a general link that is available on Kilimall affiliate dashboard.

Another way of promoting Kilimall is through placing affiliate banners on your website or Facebook page.The banners are available in the promotions section of the affiliate dashboard.But it’s always advisable to use deep links rather than banners since the former attract high click through rates.

Note:If you are willing to make money online,whether you are in Uganda,Nigeria or Kenya,sign up to Kilimall affiliate program and start making money through your social media accounts(Affiliate link)