How I make $3,000 per Month from Betting on Football Matches



Alex, who has made betting his career, has a wonderful experience to share with us. He shared the following story in our email.

“I would like to share my experience in betting which spans over 4 years. I signed up for betting in 2013 when I had just completed college. At that time, few betting companies were available.

After I joined, I started betting and as you know, when you are a newbie, there is a lot of excitement and before you realize you are losing money, you have lost thousands of dollars. For three consecutive months, I lost over $1,000 through careless betting. What I was doing wrong was placing multibets hoping that I could win millions at once, that dream never came to pass.

After I lost a lot of money, prompting me to sell my home theatre to get more money to bet, I realized I wasn’t making any progress. It’s at this moment I decided to change my strategy. The first thing I did was to stop being excited and bet on games that I was more than 90% sure of winning. I also stopped placing a lot of money in bets.

To ensure I didn’t lose much, I changed the betting company to Betway.The reason I did this was, Betway offered me free bets, thus enabling me win even when I had lost all my money.

In school, I learnt that if you want to win in any gambling game, the greatest justice to do for yourself is to analyze previous statistics, take your time before you place a bet. Using this idea, I decided from then henceforth, I would take my time before I place any bet, not just picking results without understanding history of the two teams.

One day, with $10, I sat down, analyzed that day’s match and placed bets. One bet was for a multibet and three others were for single bets. I used the idea of ‘diversifying risks’ to place the bets. Two hours later, all the games became positive.1 made $23 in excess.

It took me at least 6 months to understand the basic concepts of a successful gambler. This was after I made several mistakes, such as placing unrealistic bets, choosing a wrong gaming company, and placing bets in a hurry. I am now cautious and I rarely lose my bets. In all this, I always remember this while betting:

I should diversify my risks by not placing all my money on a single bet.

I take my time by analyzing previous statistics before I bet.

When betting, I have to take into consideration the odds. I don’t place my bet on teams with low chances of winning; I mean those teams with high odds.

I usually avoid English Premier League teams because they have unpredictable results.

For the past 3 months, I have consistently made $3,000 per month and I have made betting my full time career”.