Sell Electronics, Smartphones, Computers and Fashion Clothes Online for Free


Sell Electronics, Smartphones, Computers and Fashion Clothes Online for Free

Three years ago I had tried to sell my products online but I didn’t manage on my own. After several months of registering losses, I came across an article that explained about BigCommerce and how the company would help deliver excellent results. Since I was desperate, I resolved to give it a try.

I visited their website (,  and signed up for free. Immediately I did so, the company advised me to purchase their e-commerce theme and hosting plan.

For one month my products were placed on Amazon, eBay and also sold on social media. From selling nothing, I started seeing serious sales. One month into joining BigCommerce,I managed to make meaningful profits, unfortunately my free trial expired. But since I had experienced their services, I decided to purchase the cheapest package for 29.95 a month.

What motivated me is when I saw the type of clients BigCommerce had.I realized PayPal, Ford UK, Toyota, HD Supply, Motorola and Hisense electronics were their clients. Knowing so, I knew my future with BigCommerce would be amazing.

Over time, I have realized that when you try to sell products to your friends and family members, they don’t believe in the quality of your products, but if you display them on eBay or Amazon, they will buy them simply because they are displayed in established companies.

If you have electronics,smartphones,women shoes,clothes,home appliances or any other products you would want to sell online,BigCommerce is the company to contact for the services(Contact link).Visit their website,sign up and start selling on the go(Sign up for free here).The company has a one month free trial plan, where you will sell for one month without paying them any money. After one month, you can opt to leave.

If you want to host your business at BigCommerce and also buy website for your business,you can contact them today(Contact link)