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Fare Prices From Nairobi to Nyeri Now Ksh40


2NK Sacco has reduced fare price from Nairobi to Nyeri from Ksh 500 to Ksh 40.

The move is meant to encourage people who are travelling to Nyeri over the election period to have easy time travelling.

Already, several people have been ferried by the SACCO and thousands others are expected to use the SACCO.

While announcing the move, one matatu SACCO driver was overheard saying:

“We want to ferry our people so that they can vote to the last man and woman. This time we want to send raira home forever”.

The SACCO has encouraged other SACCOs plying the route to reduce fare prices to less than Ksh100 so that each voter will have it easy to travel to Central Kenya

Here is a photo of 2NK vehicles charging Ksh40 from Nairobi to Nyeri.