How to Win Ksh 47 million by Predicting Correct Scores for 6 Matches



You have a golden chance of winning Ksh 47 million by predicting correct scores of 6 matches in Betway jackpot

The jackpot, dubbed Millionaire, has 6 matches, which will be played on Saturday. In the matches, you are required to analyze previous performance of the teams and use the statistics to predict correct scores. If you predict all the matches correct, you will walk away with Ksh47.5 million.

If it happens that you predict one match wrongly, you will win Ksh 95,000 and if it chances that you have correct predictions for four matches, you will win Ksh 47,500.If you get the correct scores for three teams, you will win Ksh 23,750.

To bet, you have to sign in to Betway(click here to sign up),then spend Ksh95 on betting.

Note that you are allowed to bet as many times as possible.