Ndindi Nyoro’s Advise to The President  Rattles NASA Supporters


Ndindi Nyoro,one of the youngest MPs in Kenya, has advised the President to suspend the constitution and make Judiciary a department of the executive.

“If Wakora rules against the people of Kenya tomorrow, the President should declare a state of emergency for 6 Months and suspend the constitution.. Within this period, he should rule by the fist, make Judiciary a department of the executive and redeem our country from dark forces by scrapping some useless entities like the Supreme Court.. These characters must behave tomorrow! There’s no two way about it. We are African and Africa is our Business”.he said in a Facebook post.

Ndungu did not have a sound sleep after his followers criticized him of not making use of what is between his ears.They wondered why a man of his caliber can have such a pedestrian thinking.

Meanwhile,Odunga has said Returning officers were not appointed illegally, meaning the forthcoming election is a sham.