Shocking!!!These are The Votes Raila is Expected To Get Today



NASA leader Raila Odinga is expected to garner 1.2 million votes even after his supporters failed to vote. This result will reflect 17% of the total votes cast.

President Kenyatta, who is competing against himself, is expected to garner 7.5 million votes. These votes will represent 80% of the total votes cast.

It’s estimated that 11.2 million voters will exercise their democratic right even as the reality on the ground reveals that NASA voters never turned up.

In Nyanza, Raila will garner 300,000 votes, which will represent 91 % of the total votes cast.In Eastern, Raila will get a total of 250,000 votes. Coast will surprise many as more than 50 % will vote for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Kenyatta will be declared the winner Monday 30 October, 2017 and he will be sworn in November 2017 even without votes from NASA strongholds.