Hessy Wa Kayole is No Joke. See Photos of Criminals Who Were Felled by  over 100 Bullets


Until today morning Kimondo,kinyanjui and Teddy were breathing, but Hessy wa Kayole never took chances after it was rumoured the three criminals were on rampage. Over 100 bullets were enough to take them to hell…they have now met Judas and the serpent in hell.

For close to five hours, police are batted suspected robbers in rental building in Kenol town, Murang’a County.

Heavy gunfire were heard metres away from the building in which the suspected criminals were holed up.

According to the Kenya Realtime Alerts, Officers trailed the gang to the rental building on Saturday morning after a robbery in the capital Nairobi.

When the gang realized the officers had entered the building at around 9am, they opened fire.

Some of the tenants scampered for safety as police evacuated others as they prepared to take on the shooters.

Muranga County criminal investigations chief Julius Rutere said officers from Flying Squad and Recce Squad had reinforced the team on the ground.

After five hours Hessy reported:

“Hayawi hayawi huwa, mali ya serikali huezi enda nayo far. Cheki sasa #Kimondo,#Kinyanjui aka Kush and your new recruit Rot in Hell!!! #Teddy mahali uko ona sasa mbogi yako. Frm kayole(matopeni) to #kenol #CrimeDoesNotPay!

Below are photos of the criminals.