“I will be in the Race in 2022 against Ruto”-Raila Tells His Supporters in Kawangware.



Former NASA presidential candidate and NRM leader Raila Odinga has assured his supporters he is in the race and will wrestle William Ruto in 2022.

The opposition leader visited the volatile slum today morning, a day after residents clashed over elections. He was accompanied with several leaders from Nyanza and Nairobi.In his speech,Raila told his supporters:”Bado safari ya canaan haijaisha,lazima niwafikishe”,which means he has not bowed out of the race.

Raila has promised to give the government a run for their money. He has already formed National Resistant movement, which he will use to sabotage the government and if possible bring it down.

But with all this,there is one worried man,Kalonzo Musyoka.Kalonzo has waited for endorsement for a decade but his patience will soon run out.If he senses that the Enigma is not in a hurry to quit politics, he will join forces with Ruto and form a formidable coalition against the opposition.