Ruto Requests for another Interview With CNN ,To Be Intervied at 6PM



Deputy President William Ruto has been given another chance by CNN after yesterday’s interview flopped.

The DP will be interviewed today at 6Pm by Becky Anderson, who will ask ‘hot’ questions.

Yesterday’s interview ended prematurely after Ruto failed to give answers as per the questions. His rehearsal today  will ensure he has answers in his fingertips. At 6PM Kenyans will have a chance to watch Live how Ruto will answer to serious question in a reputable media house.

The host is interested to know the exact turnout, why IEBC has taken forever to announce the results and how Jubilee plans to unite Kenyans. On the issue of turnout,CNN may have obtained obtained exact figures from a credible source, they therefore know when they say it’s 27 %.