This is Raila’s Game Plan…This Man is Mysterious!!!



Opposition leader Raila Odinga is a mysterious man,so mysterious that people around him know little about his next move. Today we are going to reveal what the Enigma is planning for the country.

According to information from Capitol Hill, Raila has several calculated moves. The first move will be to register at least 10 million members in his National Resistance Movement. The members will strictly follow what he tells them-if he instructs them not to use particular products, they all obey. The members will have unique identity numbers and will have leaders in all NASA strongholds.

The second bullet in Raila’s political gun is to have his Governors as members of NRM.The governors will advocate for secession by first refusing to acknowledge Uhuru as their president. The governors will stop remitting their income to the National Government.

Raila, being aware that the government won’t let him win at the Supreme Court, will try to sponsor several individuals to launch cases against the results of the Presidential rerun. The individuals will use several articles from the constitution to argue that Uhuru’s election was not legitimate. But there are high chances the court won’t overturn Uhuru’s victory.

Another strategy Raila will employ will be to convince the international community that the election was not free and fair. Using this excuse, the international community will alienate Kenya, leaving it without loans and grants.

The last option Raila has will be infiltrate the government through moles.One if the people you will soon see in Uhuru’s government is Kalonzo.Raila will send as many people as possible to the government, something that will cause a rift between Uhuru and Ruto.Eventually,Ruto and Uhuru will part ways. This way Raila will find a way to defeat a weak government through the ballot or Bullet.