Shocking Photos from NASA demonstrations

Shocking Photos from NASA demonstrations



NASA demonstrations ended with massive destruction of property and loss of lives. We have a collection of photos from the demonstrations, which were as a result of drama between the police and NASA supporters.

The photo above is of a NASA supporter who could swallow the whole teargas as long as Raila is safe.No amount of intimidation,threats or scare tactics could move him.

This NASA supporter supplied petrol which was used to torch a police tank.You will see what happened to him below.

Minutes after the NASA supporter supplied protesters with petrol,he was consumed by the same petrol.RIP

The police threw a teargas to NASA supporters and within no time,this protester jumped almost 2 metres high to grab the teargas.He later threw it back,causing untold suffering to the police.

Raila has over 20 million strong followers.In this picture,you can see how he was welcomed from JKIA.He is a man of the people.

This is not a’s a teargas thrown to a single protester.You can imagine the pain in this man.

NASA protesters couldn’t spare vehicles.This Forward Travellers mini bus was torched along Jogoo Road.The owner is counting losses.

Nelly Lasoi is a strong woman,who has struggled for years to make ends meet.In his shop at Embakasi,was a well stocked shop,where he sold designer clothes to thousands of his customers.On Thursday evening,she slept knowing the following day she would earn her sweat as usual,but look at the damage NASA protesters did in the picture below.

This is Nelly Lasoi’s business.The looters took everything  and left the poor girl in pain.Leave everything to God.

This policeman was strategically positioned along Jogoo Road.He knew his target and he later accomplished his mission.

This is a picture of Raila Odinga’s car.A bullet almost ended his life,fortunately,Raila’s car is bullet proof.