The Most Important Things you learn about Life Before You Turn 30

The Most Important Things you learn about Life Before You Turn 30.


Before you turn 30,these are the most important things you t learn about life,that shape anyone for good.

  1. Life is short. It really is. We never get to think about the possibility of our deaths. Who wants to imagine themselves lifeless in a frigid box where not the loudest screams of help will get them the comfort & warmth of their loved ones? It is scary and unsettling and pant-shitting and nerve-wrecking but it is the reality. There’s a chance you will not wake up tomorrow. You can’t gamble or argue with the inevitable angel of death. Live while you still can.
  2. You will not win all the battles life throws at you and that is perfectly OK. You live to fight another day.
  3. Please don’t expect people to live their lives the way you would if you were them. Allow them to make their own life choices. It’s easier to face the consequences of personal decisions than those imposed by others.
  4. The only people who need to be in your life are those who want you in theirs. Taking your self through unrequited love is the most unjust thing you can do to yourself.
  5. Do not give up on life. Our paths are decorated with different sets of miseries and victories. Some seem tougher than others. You will wonder why you can’t get shit done. Why you can’t keep relationships. Why you cannot succeed in your career. Why your finances are only able to jump from your hand to mouth, never higher. Do not give up my friend. Pray. Wake up. Dress up. Show up. Life has a way of rewarding perseverance.
  6. Always trust your gut instinct.
  7. Drink water. When you wake up. When you can’t. When you’re anxious. Stressed. Happy. Sad. Joyous. Depressed. When jealous. Always Drink. water.
  8. You do not owe anyone your friendship.
  9. You do not owe anyone your body. No one has the right to touch you without your consent. It doesn’t matter whether they poop diamonds or coal. No one.
  10. Always look people in the eye when greeting them and tightening your grip while shaking their hand.
  11. Do not sexually abuse anyone. Find help.
  12. Learn the art of addressing people by their first names. Not last.
  13. There are people who don’t/won’t like you and that’s not your problem. They will sit in circles, decrypt, analyse, label and diagnose you. They will belittle and demean you. Call you despicable names that couldn’t be uttered during the world wars. People you’ve never had any altercations with. Or those you have. Bottom line is, you cannot influence someone else’s opinion of you no matter what you do. Save yourself some self dignity.
  14. Manage your expectations.
  15. When having a hectic, long week, soak your feet in warm salty water every night before sleeping.
  16. Always switch off your (Safaricom) mobile data when loading airtime.
  17. Coke+Vim on stained toilet bowl works magic.
  18. When love chases & finds you, don’t lock yourself out. Allow yourself to be loved. To take the risk of getting heartbroken. That is what strengthens one’s inner being.
  19. Truth is you’ll screw tf up, even when you shouldn’t. You’ll make stupid, irrational, reckless and irredeemable decisions that turn out to be mistakes. Mistakes that’ll cost you the trust of your loved ones. Or ones that will lock you out of great school or career opportunities. You will disappoint yourself and not just once. Always learn from your flaws. What happened yesterday shouldn’t influence the decision you make today. Forgiving yourself is key. The padlock is your mind.

20: Take time out to curl and soak yourself in your own world, order takeouts, read a book, binge watch on Suits, drink red wine and then just sleep. Very energizing.

  1. Never ever compare your journey to someone else’s. Their victory is not the absence of yours just because it has taken longer to arrive. Be nice to yourself.
  2. Try as much as possible not to lie to your partners/spouses/lovers/friends/family/children. The trust issues that come along with these are too costly and we’re running out of funds.
  3. Anytime you have a stomach ache, lie on your left side. Pain reduces by 50%.
  4. Entertain only those who appreciate you.
  5. Yellow pee is not always a sign of a UTI. It’s a sign that you’re not drinking enough water. Refer to (clause 7) above.
  6. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote
  7. You were the sperm that won. Act like it. 😒
  8. Screw society. Do you
  9. Never underestimate your potential, keep trying

30.Never argue when you’re angry