Manchester City vs Leicester Match Predictions

Manchester City vs Leicester Match Predictions


Leicester are playing against Manchester City tonight. Without any doubts, everyone believes Manchester City would trounce their worth opponents, but I can assure you this won’t be a landslide for the league leaders-today Manchester City might lose or draw in this game.

Since you and I are going to bet, I don’t want us to lose our money collectively, I will be more careful when placing any bet. For my case, I will indicate that not more than three goals will be scored in this match. I will also predict a draw in first half-I won’t select which team would win in full time.

For those planning a multibet,I won’t encourage you to place a bet for Arsenal,West ham and Manchester City, Leicester-these two games are tricky.I would prefer you to consider a miltibet for Udinese vs Napoli and Arsenal vs West Ham.Napoli have more than 90% chances of beating Udinese.