Degree Courses with the highest number of Job Opportunities in Kenya

Degree Courses with the highest number of Job Opportunities in Kenya


Since June 2016, we have received several emails concerning degree courses with the highest number of job opportunities. It’s time we summarily  answer our readers based on the current employment dynamics and future prospects of each of the careers we are featuring in this article.

We are not only going to feature careers with the highest number of job opportunities, but also those with high graduates absorption rate.

What is surprising here is that a course might be having hundreds of thousands of job opportunities but still majority of graduates in the field are jobless. We ignore such courses and rank those with the lowest number of job seekers

2.  Piloting 95%
3.  Medicine & Surgery 90%
4.  Software Engineering 85%
5.  Bcom+CFA 83%
6.  Actuarial Science+ Professional Certification 78%
7.  Architecture 75%
8.  Statistics+CFA 75%
9.  Law 70%
10. Nursing 65%
11. 60%
12.  Journalism & Mass Communication 55%


What does this mean? That if you pursue Piloting, you have over 90% chances of securing employment anywhere in Kenya. The table also shows that if you pursue Bcom and CFA, chances of employers rejecting you are slim. Actuarial Science also featured but it’s pooled alongside a professional course,of course from SOA. If a student pursues Actuarial Science without this professional program, chances of securing employment are slim.

A student planning to pursue a marketable degree course in our local universities, should choose from among the courses listed above.