Shock as ORACLE Replaces Kenyans with Foreigners

Shock as ORACLE Replaces Kenyans with Foreigners


There are shocking employment dynamics at ORACLE Kenya.

Since the Entry of Corine Mbiaketcha as Country Leader Oracle, Oracle has been getting rid of Kenyan employees and replacing them with foreigners

Some of The senior employees replaced are

  • Paul Angatia
  • Flavour Mangula
  • Charles Gichobi
  • Ann Njiamwe
  • Zebedeo Nyamonga
  • Njeri Maina

Bob Hroch replaced Ann Njiamwe as Public Sector Sales Director

Ade Famoti replaced Paul Angatia as commercial sales director

Piotr Piowowarczyk replaced Zebedeo Nyamonga as Regional Technical consulting leader Zebedeo was relegated to a junior post.

Piotr was previously Personal Assistant to VP and has no technical background

The foreigners are doing jobs that can be done by Kenyans.

Oracle is interviewing foreigners for John Wairi’s position of East Africa Commercial Sales director

Flavour Mangula and Charles Gichobi positions were scraped

Njeri Maina was replaced by Pramod Nair as Business Development & Strategic Initiatives Manager | Africa

Some of the foreigners have irregular documents and the Immigration department has been made aware of this through a letter written to them by a lawyer