How To Speed Up WordPress Site

How To Speed Up WordPress Site


While many bloggers will take you round and round about how to speed up your

WordPress site, here we go straight to the point—we advise based on our own experience. If you have a slow blog, here are simple ways to increase its loading speed.

  1. WP Smush Plugin

My website used to take forever to load. I took time to research on the cause of this issue and in the process I learnt about WP Smush Plugin.I decided to install it in my WordPress site and tried to optimize images.Within an hour,the size of my images reduced by more than half and this impacted positively on my site loading speed.

WP Smush Plugin is useful in reducing image size on your blog. This alone will significantly improve your WordPress loading speed.

  1. Hosting company

If your website loading speed is low, it’s time to review your hosting company. Since this is a WordPress site,you need to move your blog to a Managed WordPress Company.Here we have suggestions of companies that almost every popular blogger is hosting their site.

  • Small WordPress site

If your site is small-receiving less than 20,000 visitors per day, migrate it to Bluehost.Bluehost has an option of hosting a WordPress site for as little as $30 per month. You can move your site to the company through this link

  • Medium and big sites

The best and fastest loading sites are hosted by Kinsta and Liquidweb.My site loads extremely fast and it’s hosted by Kinsta.I migrated it last year through this link

I have tried over 5 hosting companies but I haven’t seen any hosting company that comes near Kinsta in terms of customer service. I also rate them 99% in terms of my site loading speed.This hosting company is particularly fit for viral blogs,blogs that receive over 30,000 visitors per day.

My other site is hosted at Liquidweb.I decided to host it separately from Venas News because of the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. I have found Liquidweb very supportive and excellent in service delivery. Their hosting plans are as indicated here

  1. WordPress theme

WordPress theme also plays a crucial role in regards to site loading speed. Make sure you purchase a light and optimized theme.WPion is where to buy highly optimized WordPress Themes. I bought Newspaper theme here and I can confirm it has saved me the headache of slow loading speed.

WPion has free and premium themes. You can install one through this link

  1. Reduce the number of plugins

It’s important to note that too many plugins on your WordPress site will negatively impact on your site loading speed. It’s good to keep only the most important plugins.

  1. Reduce the number of Advertisements on your site

You notice that the sites with fewer advertisements load faster than those filled with adverts.If your site has banners, please keep a maximum of six, otherwise it will become extremely slow.I know how readers behave when a site is slow, they disappear in droves.