I Heard Her Tell my Boss,”Ouch,Ouch,Ingiza Yote Pliiz, Kitu yote Ni Yako,I Did This!

I Heard Her Tell my Boss,”Ouch,Ouch,Ingiza Yote Pliiz, Kitu yote Ni Yako,I Did This!


I am Sylvester from Pipeline Nairobi.I am not settled today. My wife of three years did something I will not forget.

Last year December we had a party and each worker was given a chance to come with his wife to the party. I came with my wife who works in a bank. The party started well, we danced, drank and people started interacting. But towards the end, I noticed my boss speak to my wife. I didn’t take the matter seriously because it was the first time they had met. After a while, they finished talking and my wife came to sit with me.

A week ago,I my boss sent me to Mombasa to go and supervise work in the Port. I was happy because the trip had per diem of Ksh10,000 per day…it’s a rare trip. After I arrived in the coast, I started working immediately but after two days, I heard that my brother had passed on. I was forced to return to Nairobi that night to make preparations before I leave for Mombasa the following day. I didn’t want to tell my boss that I would be in Nairobi because of the per diem.

I arrived in Tassia where I live and boarded a boda boda.Immediately I reached the gate,I realized my bedroom light was on yet it was 12 am(usually,we put off the lights).I sensed there was something fishy.I actually moved near to check what my wife was up to.This is what I heard: “Ouch,Ouch,Ingiza Yote Pliiz, Kitu yote Ni Yako”.Moving closer,I saw my boss sweating on my wife…seriously!

Shaking,I knocked on the window  and shouted,”you mean you sent me to Mombasa so that you can come to destroy my family”.He responded in low tone,”come we talk,sisi ni wanaume”.I composed myself and asked,”what do you want us to talk yet you are destroying my family”.While we were arguing,my wife opened the door and disappeared.I entered and rushed to where I hid a panga.On realizing he was on danger,my boss said,”please don’t kill me,I will give you Ksh 2 million and promote you at work..please,please”

I am now confused whether to take the money or not.Please advise me.