Difference between love and obsession in relationships

Difference between love and obsession in relationships


Life is like a Vietnamese jungle, filled with traps. It’s not so insulting to get bumps as to confuse love with obsession. It’s much worse. The line between these concepts is insignificant, and you do not immediately understand the true meaning of your feelings. It is good when both partners understand the situation, break up and stop communicating in order not to waste time. Alas, often, one partner really loves, and the second one suffers from a forgery of love. What is the difference between love and obsession?


An obsession is when a person feels an overwhelming obsession with owning someone who attracts them. The obsessed person can try to make the victim enter into a relationship, they will try to buy victim’s love and, if necessary, to isolate the object of adoration from friends and relatives. The most unpleasant thing is that they will not accept refusal. You either love or you’ll be sorry.

  • Partner is not a personality

An obsessed person does not see personality in the object of their adoration.  This is not romantic. This is scary. An obsessed person loses their own individuality as well. It is a vicious circle of when the obsessed person increasingly depends on the other person and on the relationship as a whole. Is it love or obsession? It is insanity, and there is no space for love.

  • Unrequited love can be dangerous

An obsessed person can feel that they cannot live without their partner. They can threaten or even try to commit suicide. If the ex-partner enters or is already in a new relationship with online brides, it is possible to hear thoughts that sound like the ravings of a madman, “They have stolen my beloved one” or “If I can’t have you, no one can!” It is one of the main differences, talking about obsession vs love.

  • It is a kind of selfishness

It is something like mania. You demand a person be with you all the time because you want that. You’re jealous of anybody who comes near your partner. If the object of adoration loves you, then it’s good. However, over time, it seems to you that you do not get love back. If a person loves you a little less than you imagine, then there are suspicions and hysterics. Therefore, it is important to remember that true love has nothing in common with a sense of possessiveness. It implies the personal space of each partner.


A man in love is ready to put the interests of a partner above their own. Talking about love vs obsession, love is when you can cope with your laziness to make a person happy. You do that not because it’s so necessary but because you just want. You do not expect anything in return, like the obsessed people.

  • True love is never easy

How can you never quarrel? It’s not a fairy tale about Italian marriage, and there’s nothing good about it, but it’s love. Your interests collide, the ego does not want to surrender, and you have a scandal. However, you want to see each other more often, even if it does not always work out. You are drawn to each other, and you feel comfortable together. This does not mean that you need to meet 7 days a week, but both of you want to be together.

  • It doesn’t weigh heavily upon you

It can resemble attachment, but over the years, you feel that you love the person with all their oddities even stronger. Sometimes, the feelings of sympathy and comfort grow into something more. You don’t guess whether it is love or obsession, you just know the answer.

  • It doesn’t bring discomfort

So, it turns out that love is an emotional feeling that does not bring any discomfort. There are always problems, mistrust, crises, but all these things are temporary. In relationships, everything is always strictly individual. So, just make sure that it’s good for both, and not for one of you.