How Henry Rotich Ate Beans and Cabbage in Police Cell


Treasury CS Henry Rotich was forced to ear cabbage and beans in police cell after hunger became too much. The CS was forced to surrender to the police after he was informed that he is a wanted man.But one thing he had not done was to take lunch.

After surrendering to the police,he was forced to stay at the CID Headquarters until evening when he was taken to Muthaiga Police Station. For 6 good hours he had not eaten anything and as big as he is, hunger put him down until the police at the station came to his rescue.

At exactly 7 pm, the bell rang and everybody lined up for cabbage and beans. Since he is not used to the life, he was shy to pick his plate,Afande intervened and voices could be heard from the cell, ”boss,usipokuwa jonjo hii food itasha”.He was served the meal and ate as though there is no tomorrow.

Rotich is now at Milimani Law courts to face charges of abuse of office and economic crimes.