These are Things Ladies Do to Intimidate Men!!!

These are Things Ladies Do to Intimidate Men!!!


As we near the long awaited day of love, Valentines Day ladies should be aware of some of the things to avoid so as not lose their love partners. Men don’t like to be intimidated by any one more so a lady, it kills them totally. Most men look for ladies who can match their preferences but there is no single man who can put up with a lady who comes out to be intimidating.

There are certain characters and behaviours in a lady that makes men fear her. Below are seven ways in which a lady can scare men away;

  1. Beauty

As much as men love beautiful ladies, there is some element of fear for super beauty. Many men will hit on a pretty lady but chicken out on thinking that another man might be setting eyes on the same lady. The situation is worse when the poor man is not well off to sustain the beauty; if all the efforts to maintain the beauty is from the lady, the man will just run away.

  1. Choice of Dressing

Ladies who dress expensively scare men away. This is because they send a message that any man wishing to approach her should be ready to afford her taste for fashion. Mostly u will find that the men of class who dress expensively would also go for these ladies. So don’t go for expensive clothes if you are looking for just any man to be in a relationship.

  1. Circle of Friends

The kind of friends you spend time with tells a lot to the is intimidating for a man if they see the circle of friends you have being made of men only or other classy ladies. They say that show me your friends and I will tell you the kind of person you are. If most of a ladies friends are of a certain standard, professionals, big business people, intellectuals and other overrated kinds no man can approach her unless they belong to one of the categories.

  1. Level of Education

A lady who is more educated than the man is intimidating. In very rare cases will you find a man dating an overly educated woman, though there are those rare cases only made possible by God. If she speaks impeccably and reasons out well; the man has no place to stand in that union. I am not asking ladies to tone down on learning and schooling to the highest levels possible; we know men of your kind also exist.

  1. Hard working ladies

We all know those go getter ladies who are rich enough to be ‘sponsorees’ yet they are not married? Well it is because men feel intimidated by them. A lady who works tirelessly hard to achieve her goals, to grow business and feed herself scares off weakly men. Only the men of her type will dare such ladies.

  1. Very serious ladies.

Ladies who are always serious in life and about life are a scare to men. They have no time to be silly, weird and joke around in life! This is intimidating to any man because men at times want to just be; free and happy. Life is not that serious ladies, sometimes you just need to relax and be human!

  1. Ladies who earn more pay

Some men feel intimidated by ladies who earn more pay than makes them feel like they have no control in the relationship. But this one depends on the kind of man; those who are closed minded get scared, others work very hard to remain in control.

But as we always say, a man who feels intimidated by a lady is not a man enough; so ladies, be who you are and the right man will surely come for you.