Best WordPress Hosting Company for Bloggers in 2018

Best Wordpress Hosting Company for Bloggers in 2018


Sometimes I reveal too much about my site,but as long as I help my fellow bloggers I don’t care.Currently,you may be having numerous issues with your current hosting company and feel that you’re fed up with them.The best thing to do is to shift to a better hosting company.Kinsta has been praised as the best WordPress Hosting company for bloggers for the years 2017-2018

Having hosted all my 5 WordPress sites, I am happy to report that I am impressed with the services offered by Kinsta.This article is a recommendation for bloggers and established companies that feel the need to move their sites from their current hosts.

What you will find at Kinsta will surprise you….I am one of the people who got surprised most. Sometimes my site receives up to 800,000 visitors per day and at no given time it had gone offline-Kinsta has robust infrastructure with servers that scale automatically when sites experience traffic spikes. I find this as the best for me because my website sometimes goes viral. I also like the fact that they help you to migrate the sites into their platform for free. It’s hard to find a hosting company helping to move a site to another hosting company without costs.

At Kinsta, your site loading speed will be amazing. Since the company uses Google infrastructure, the loading speed of sites hosted there is equivalent to that of Google.

Without saying much,I would leave you to experience Kinsta services.You can visit their website through this link and get more information from their customer service