If you See This Advert for USAID Internships, Don’t Apply—They Are Scammers

If you See This Advert for USAID Internships, Don’t Apply---They Are Scammers


You are about to be conned by scammers who have just advertised internships for USAID.The internship appeared on several blogs last week which advertised 850 internships.

The fraudster used this email:[email protected] and required one to apply before April 12,2018.After one applies,they will be told to send Ksh320 for medical certificate or pay Ksh5,800 for online aptitude test.

If you fall to the scammer’s tricks, you will lose you money and the job.

We wish to say this:USAID Kenya advertises jobs on the UN main website and job application is done online where one is required to fill details in a form presented.UN does not accept hard copy applications.

If you’re fresh from college and any recruiter tells you to pay cash for a medical certificate or aptitude interview, don’t pay the money.

Here is how the fake USAID internship advert looks like,please share to help others not to be conned.