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How to Become a Pilot in Kenya, Fees Structure, License and Salary

How to Become a Pilot in Kenya, Fees Structure, License and Salary


Many of were aspiring to be pilots but didn’t end there due to financial constraints. But the process of becoming one is pretty straightforward.

Piloting is the best paying career in Kenya with the lowest pilot earning Ksh150,000 and the best paid pocketing over Ksh2.8  million each month. It’s therefore advisable to switch your thinking towards this line if you have financial muscles.

The first step is to score at least C+ in KCSE and C+ in Physics and Mathematics. Then look for appropriate college to enroll for aviation classes. In Kenya, here are the best piloting schools and the fees structure you are expected to pay.

Kenya School of Aviation

Kenya School of Aviation is the best Aviation college in Kenya. To join the college, you need the following:

  • Must be 16 years and above.
  • KCSE C+ and C+ in Mathematics, English, Geography and any one science.
  • A medical fitness certificate from an accredited Aviation Medical examiner.
  • Copies of : Academic Papers, ID/Birth Certificate/Passport.
  • 6 passport size photos: Three Normal size and three 2cm x 2.5cm
  • Three internal written evaluation in Maths, English and Psychometric Testing.
  • Five lessons of flight assessment.

Here is the fees structure:

This course takes eight to twelve months, and involves:

  • A further 155 flying hours
  • CPL ground school

Fee Structure

Phase 2: CPL (Approx. 8 – 12 Months) Minimum charges

Item Cost (Ksh)
Flying 155 hours above the 45 PPL hours @ Ksh 14,360 2,225,800
3 hours for the General Flight Test (GFT) @ Ksh 14,360 43,080
CPL Ground School 60,000
*Accommodation at Orly/Malindi: 90 days @ 1,500/= 135,000
*Return ticket to Malindi/Ukunda (Approx.) 20,000
TOTAL 2,483,880
KCAA CPL Ground Exams 20,000
KCAA TTR C210 5,000
KCAA Gas Turbine & Perf. A Exam 4,100
KCAA CPL GFT booking 2,000
KCAA License Application 4,500
TOTAL 35,600
Approximate Minimum Grand Total 2,519,480
CPL KCAA Examiner Fees (Paid direct to the Examiner) = USD 400


Initial Multi Engine/Instrument Rating

This course takes six weeks. KCAA regulation 67 Part II requires 45 hours initial instrument hours broken into:

  • 20 hours on approved simulator
  • 25 hours on Twin Seneca PA34

Fee Structure

Phase 3: Multi/Ratings (Approx. 2 Months) Minimum Charges

Item Cost (Ksh)
20 hours approved simulator @ Ksh 6,500 per hour 130,000
25 hours on Twin Seneca PA 34 @ Ksh 42,780 per hour 1,069,500
3 hours for the General Flight Test (GFT) @ Ksh 42,780 128,340
Approximate Minimum Cost 1,327,840


Fee Structure

Chargeable by KCAA

KCAA TTR PA 34 5,000
KCAA Exam Booking 4,000
KCAA Multi/IR License Endorsement 4,000
TOTAL 13,000
Approximate Minimum Cost 1,340,840
MULTI/IR KCAA Examiner Fees (Paid direct to the Examiner) = USD 500


KCAA Reg.67 (PEL) Part II requires 45 hours initial instrument hours broken into:
Phase 1 PPL 1,014,000
Phase 2 CPL 2,519,480
Phase 3 Multi/IR 1,340,840
Approximate Minimum Cost 4,874 ,320

1. These rates are liable to change at very short notice due to fluctuations in the foreign

exchange rates and prices of AVGAS fuel.

2. All students will need to pick an insurance option amongst the available ones upon



In short, you need Ksh5 million to become a pilot in Kenya.

The East African School of Aviation is another college offering piloting courses .You need Ksh4.5 million to complete the entire course.Also in the list is Skylink Flying School.The school is located at Wilson Airport.

In summary,if you aspire to become a pilot in Kenya,you need Ksh 5 million for college fees and score at least C+ in KCSE.

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Salary of Pilots in Kenya

I have interacted with private pilots over time and as a blogger,I always ask questions that help me come up with accurate information.Most of them confide in me that they  charge on hourly basis. Per hour, Kenyan pilot charges Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 10,000 depending on negotiation skills of the client.In a month, private pilots earn Ksh 400,000 to Ksh1.5 million.

Pilots also work in Kenya Airways and other Kenyan airlines.At Kenya Airways,you are paid depending on years of experience, the type of plane you drive and your grade.The highest paid pilots like Koki Mutungi pocket Ksh 1.8 million to Ksh3 million per month. The lowest pilots, especially pilot trainees pocket Ksh180,000 to Ksh300,000.