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Degree Courses to Do if You Want To work in The United Nations

Degree Courses to Do if You Want To work in The United Nations


If you wish to work on the United Nations, there specific degree programs to do in college-surprisingly degree known to be popular in the corporate world aren’t necessarily popular when it comes to NGOs and United Nations.

United Nations was purposely created to save the environment, solve conflicts and disasters, promote peace and uplift the living standards of people.UN does not run any profitable business; it’s work is purely to help the world become a better place to live in.

I have managed to go through the UN website, and rarely do I find Financial Analysts and jobs related to economists being advertised, but I have spotted on numerous occasions job vacancies for nurses, public health, environmental experts and data analysts.

For ambitious students, here are degree courses to pursue in college if you aspire to work in the UN:

  1. Bachelor of Climate Change & Development
  2. Bachelor Of Science In Wildlife Management And Conservation
  3. Management Of Agroecosystems & Environment
  4. In Wildlife Management And Conservation
  5. Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
  6. sc. (meteorology)
  7. Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Conservation And Natural Resource Management
  8. Computer Science
  9. sc. (geospatial Engineering)
  10. Bachelors In Project Planning And Management
  11. Bachelor of Monitoring & Evaluation
  12. sc. ( Nursing)
  13. Bachelor Of Arts In International Studies
  14. Bachelor Of Arts (journalism & Media Studies)
  15. Bachelor Of Law(ll.b)
  16. Bachelor Of Criminology And Criminal Justice
  17. Bachelor Of Psychology (counselling)
  18. Bachelor of Peace and Conflict Resolution
  19. Bachelor of HIV and Public Health
  20. Bachelor of Biostatistics
  21. Bachelor of Population Studies
  22. Bachelor of Gis and Remote Sensing

At the UN,it’s rare for accountants, financial analysts, investment analysts and human resource professionals to be employed. The institution regularly employs people who are more enthusiastic about conflict resolution, counseling and disease control.It also employs professionals in the field of study.