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Shocking Facts About Maasai Men

Shocking Facts About Maasai Men


There’s something you didn’t know about Maasai men.Ladies,here is what you need to know about this slim,tall and handsome man.

They have extremely large manhood

What Maasai men were blessed with is the manhood.Ladies confess that of all men in Kenya,none beats Maasais.The manhood of a Maasai man can be likened to a Chebunyo.

The reason it’s big is because most of the time, they don’t wear inner wear,so it’s exposed to plenty of oxygen.

When you meet a Maasai man, be ready to be worked on properly.


The nice thing about Maasai men is that they are very protective: no Maasai man would feel comfortable when his woman is being harassed…he can do everything to protect her.


It’s only in towns dominated by Maasais that you won’t find street children.Even if a Maasai man has 100 children,he will make sure all of them have the necessary basic needs.


If you need a charming man, marry a Maasai man.This person may seem naïve but his intelligent is way above our imaginations.

With a Maasai man on your side,you won’t be bored.


One negative thing about the Maasai is that they are domineering.Once they marry you,all they know is that you are part of his children.A Maasai man will dictate to you everything and he knows he is ever right and the woman’s only work is to listen.