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Why Other People Perform Better than You in Life

Why Other People Perform Better than You in Life


Have you wondered why other people perform better than you in life? You wake up, work hard, do everything humanly possible but you end up performing relatively poor. Each day you wake up asking yourself, what am I doing wrong? There are fundamental reasons why your peers are performing better than you and the sooner you know them the better.

You Lack confidence

Lack of self-confidence can bring detrimental effects to your social rich. Sometimes you get wonderful opportunity to express yourself before an audience, instead of bringing the best out of yourself, you end up doing dismally. Those with confidence express themselves superbly well, ending up snatching opportunities from you.

You never take risks

The world hates risk averse humans. In most cases people who play save end up losing the most.I have one example here:in Kenya, a Senior person in the army came to a hostel where two armies were sleeping.A day before,more than 100 soldiers from Kenya had been killed in Somali. The army wanted to take one of the two individuals as a replacement for a felled soldier. When he asked,”who between the two of you wants to go to Somalia?” One soldier caved in,he said,”I have a young family to feed and I am not ready to risk my life”. Another army replied,”please give me the chance,I know all of us will die one day”. Three months later,the one at Somalia was allowed to return to Kenya.He had earned a total of Ksh 1.5 million in risk allowances.The one in Kenya was still in the Kenyan barrack trying to figure out how to raise Ksh 500,000 to build a home in the up country.

Dr Martin, a psychologists, says that individuals who take up risks end up reaping big, while those fearing exposure to risks end up being losers.

Your ideas are limited

Some people are stuck to few and limited ideas and are not willing to learn more.You may be creative but if your ideas are limited, chances of breaking your performance ceiling are low.Open ended people absorb a lot,wich help them come up with sound decisions. In life, if you need to do more and surpass your targets, you have to get a myriad of ideas.

Your friends

Your friends determine your altitude, attitude and depth of your life.If you choose the wrong friends, you’ll end up like them— in a cocoon. You need to choose friends who regularly inspire you, encourage you and bringing up new ideas. If you discover that more than 50% of the time, friends are discussing people at the expense of ideas, drop them.

Self-destructive behaviour

If you are pre-occupied with alcohol and relationships, you’ll end up doing nothing in life.The worst among the self-destructive behaviour is alcohol. The moment it takes toll on you, you’ll automatically become its slave, hence a social destitute.


The environment in which you’re brought up plays a big role in determining who you’ll be in life.If you discover early that life isn’t taking you the way you would aspire, move to a different environment.

You’re addicted to employment

Employment is good, but it can limit you. Let’s take example of someone earning $1,000 per month and a friend who has started a business of $1,000.Who among these two people is likely to do better in 10 years’ time?If you check a list of 100,000 richest people globally, you won’t find employees featuring there. The same case applies with your country of origin.

Employment should not be your destination but a way to generate capital for business ventures.However,not everyone is an entrepreneur.If you discover entrepreneurship is not your thing,rescue yourself by making sound investment decisions.

Living beyond your means

The last point, which has been tossed around many times involves living beyond your means. This does not need further explanation—you know the effect of spending $1,000 when your income is $900