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How to Earn Ksh10,000 from 1XBET

How to Earn Ksh10,000 from 1XBET


1XBET bonus is still on and it amounts to Ksh 10,000.At any given time, if you lose a total of Ksh10, 000, the company will refund you the money in form of a bonus. The bonus will automatically be credited into your account.What does this mean? That if you lose Ksh100 today, tomorrow Ksh200,the following day the same until the amount reaches Ksh 10,000,your account will automatically be credited with Ksh10,000.

1XBET keeps the record of your wins and losses until your total losses clock Ksh10,000.You may win consistently, which is okay, but when you lose, the money you lose may not affect your account negatively since you will be refunded once the losses reach Ksh10,000 .

Now, I have some strange thinking. What if you gamble with Ksh10, 000 once? In any case, you won’t lose the money because 1XBET will refund it to you. If you take this action and win, you will benefit immensely and if you lose, your account will be credited with Ksh10,000.

Apart from the Ksh 10,000 bonus, 1XBET will also award you 200% bonus if you have never placed a bet on the platform. Once you register through this link and place a bet of above Ksh112,your account will be credited with 200% bonus.

One thing you will love about 1XBET is that their odds are relatively high,you can confirm through this link.The company also gives several other incentives;currently,there is a car which is being contested and the competition is not stiff. You can register and join the competition through this link