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Single Bets vs Multibets

Single Bets vs Multibets


Many of us get confused when it comes to single bets and multibets; we often go for multibets thinking they are more profitable than single bets.

I always place my bets and when I do, there are several factors that guide me-I don’t jump into multibets when I can place a single bet and be assured of earning more money than a multibet of 10 teams.

Before you get confused, here are tips to guide you on how to place your bets.

Single bets

Before you place a single bet, ensure that you have at least matches to bet for concurrently. From experience, I have learnt that when you place three or more single bets, chances of losing the cash are slim.

The second important tip is that you should always avoid selecting ‘win’ for a match.I have found it beneficial when I bet on goals,e.g more than  or less than 2.5 goals will be scored .If two teams have weak defence, chances of more than 2.5 goals being scored are high, and if both teams are strong, few goals are often scored. Another observation is that when teams are playing in the final of major tournament, few goals are scored. As a gambler, indicating that more than 3.5 goals will be scored is suicidal.

Whenever you see an home team has an odd of 3 and away team an odd of 2,never be in a hurry to pick the away team as a sure bet.Usually,such games have shocking results.In most cases, few goals are scored and the home team wins or draws.

If the home team has an odd of 1.5 to 2 and the away team has an odd of 4,you should fear to bet for such a match. I have always proved that such matches don’t produce a clear winner.Today,do this, if you notice a game with this odd, indicate a draw  or win for the home team as the outcome, you will be shocked that the teams will draw.


I have also worked with multibets and leant a lot from experience. Usually, multibets are disappointing. Research show that the more teams you add into a multibet,the higher your chances of losing the money. If you have two teams in a multibet, you have 50% chances of losing the cash and if its three matches, you have over 75% chances. It is advisable that your multibet be always less than 4 matches.

In a multbet you have to be extra cautious because any match you add, you decrease your chances of winning. It’s important you start by filtering the most unstable outcomes and remain with those with above 99% chances of coming out positive.Obvious,in football matches, there are games you are almost certain the outcome will be as expected. These are the matches you should have in a multibet.

I have this tendency whenever I bet, I don’t know whether you are feeling the same. I choose three matches in a multibet and whenever I try to place a bet, I realize that the money I will win is less, then I add one match, which pushes the amount high. I feel excited and place the bet. When the results are out, shockingly, I realize the match I added last spoilt everything-this is what we call selfishness in betting and it’s what you should stop in order to continue playing.

I always advice my readers like this, never place a multibet that does not have a probability of earning at least twice the betting amount.

If you ask me, which between a multibet and a single bet is better,I will say a multibet since you are likely to win more though you may lose severally before winning.

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