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This Is What To Do if You Get Exaggerated Bill from KPLC

This Is What To Do if You Get Exaggerated Bill from KPLC


One Kenyan got electricity bill of Ksh 23,000 yet he lives in single room. The man did this and he got help.

One day Kenya Power and Lighting Company posted a bill of Kshs 23, 000 for one month. When I saw the bill I was quite upset that electricity bill was higher than the house rent.

This was a house near the chief’s office at Githurai 45. I woke up very early in the morning to avoid any queue at Parklands KPLC headquarters.

When I got there I decided to go to the office of the Managing Director to inquire whether my rental house is a factory as to have such a high bill.

The lifts were slow and due to rage and anger I could not wait. I took the stairs to 8th floor where the office of the MD is.

When I got there I was breathing heavily for climbing the stairs. I decided to have a short break to be able to regain some energy to face the MD. When I cooled down I went straight to the reception that had about three ladies.

“I want the MD to accompany me to Githurai 45 to go and read the meter because the people he has employed have served me with a ridiculous and vexatious electricity bill. They are either unable to read the meter or want to steal from me!”. I told the receptionist holding the copy of the bill.
By this time about six people had milled around me listening to an emaciated man who wants to be accompanied by the MD to Githurai 45!

The receptionist called a gentleman whom she explained was the area supervisor and handed him the bill. He sat in a computer and adjusted the bill to Kshs 1,800.

He gave me a copy of a new bill as he apologized telling me that next time “if you have a problem don’t go to the office of the MD”.