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Advantages of Sponsored Content for Your Business

Advantages of Sponsored Content for Your Business


Sponsored content has become a popular marketing strategy for lots of companies. Many corporate companies are adopting this marketing strategy due to unreliable nature of Facebook and Twitter traffic. Ever since January 2018, Facebook traffic to publishers has been declining, it’s now almost impossible to meet sales target via Facebook updates due to the latest news feed algorithm. Since life must continue, any blogger or marketing personnel has no option but to engage other blogs in popularizing their products.

In a normal scenario, advertisers use AdWords, Sponsored content, banners, social media and contextual ad networks. All these work but sponsored content has proved to be the most effective. Having worked with sponsored content for 7 years,I have learned this:

Sponsored articles remain in a website permanently

The good thing about sponsored content is that once it’s published, it will remain visible forever, or at least until the website is closed. This means that even 20 years from now, someone looking for the information online will stumble on the article and use the link to purchase the items listed there. This is in contrast to banners. The case with banners is, once it’s removed from a site, no one will be able to access the information featured on it in future.


Compared to banner ads, sponsored content is extremely cheap. The average cost of a single sponsored article is $50 while a banner costs $200-$20,000 per month. If you can get an experienced person to generate an article, then  pay 20 publishers to post it, you will spend about $1000 and save a lot of money yet the sales will even be more than what you could have earned through banners.

High click through rate

Two years ago, I did a test on Jumia products.I placed two banners in my venas news site .I monitored traffic for that day. The banners generated 1,000 clicks. The following day, I wrote two sponsored posts and published them.Surprisingly,the posts attracted 5,000 clicks. That alone forced me to drop banners and adopt direct links on articles.

The reason why people don’t click on banners is that they are aware those banners are adverts. Some people are jealous that the publishers will earn after they click the banners. But most of them aren’t aware links are also adverts.


Sponsored posts can be shared by as many people as possible. You find that there are several blogs linking to the site that published the article. They will help in sharing the article. Even if a potential customer does not visit the site, he might see the article elsewhere.

High conversion rate

Conversion rate is all you need in order to make money. Sponsored content contain keywords that are searchable online. When people search for information on Google and stumble on your article, there are high chances they will purchase a product through links contained in the article.

Value for money

Sometimes banner ads can disappoint. You will spend over $3000 per month and only sell items worth $100…you may even end up selling nothing. But if a sponsored article is of high quality, with links and relevant keywords, making sales won’t be hard;you may not make sales the same day but as long as people continue searching for information and manage to read the article, you will always make sales. The nice thing is that sponsored articles aren’t expensive, so you don’t feel the pain of not making enough sales.

Back link

If you have a new blog or website you want to rank high on Google,the only way to accelerate the ranking is to have as many back links as possible.Back links come when other blogs contain information with links directing traffic to your site.

As a marketer, the first thing to do is have the most popular blogs to generate articles that direct traffic to your site.If you manage to have 1,000 blogs to mention you, then you will rank highly on Google.

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