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List of Popular Websites in Kenya With Unique and Original Content

List of Popular Websites in Kenya With Unique and Original Content


If you need original content in Kenya, there are popular websites to visit. Nation is one of the websites you will always get original and interesting content to read, followed by Star and Business Daily. Surprisingly, Business Today has joined the list of blogs with  unique content in the country.

What I hate most is to visit a website like Tuko and the content I get is 99% available in other sites. Then I visit Softkenya and realize that though they don’t update on daily basis, they have original and interesting content to read.Softkenya is popular for providing information about biographies of Kenyans—anyone copying them is simply wasting time, readers are not stupid.Kenyaplex has also been in the industry for almost a decade and it’s known for providing accurate and original information about university courses. Thought I sometimes write about courses, I understand Kenyaplex does a splendid job.

In summary, here are websites in Kenya where you can get original content to read.

  1. Nation
  2. Business Daily
  3. Standard Media
  4. Venas News
  5. Nairobi News
  6. Star
  7. Ghalfla
  8. Business Today
  9. Victor Matara
  10. Kahawatungu
  11. Citizen TV
  12. D.E

If you manage to visit any of these sites, you will realize that each have original content. Now, there’s a site in Kenya, I think bloggers know it, what the site does is visit each of these sites and lift the content they feel will go viral and instruct their writers to slightly alter the content. The website has employed several editor, over 15 of them who do the job. If you visit the site, you won’t find anything new; almost everything existing in the blog has already appeared elsewhere. It’s not bad to write whatever you want but making your readers know your area of specialization is paramount in blogging.

Ever since November last year, the company’s popularity graph has been declining steadily simply because readers are slowly getting tired of the scrapped content.

I get excited when I read fresh and unique content on Businessdaily, Business Today and Nation…even Kahawatungu.I know Business Today has an insider in Nation Media Group who feeds them with the information, but it’s okay. I also get excited when sites like Ghafla and Nairobi News(owned  by NMG) specialize on entertainment news. But I get bored when I visit a site that posts over 200 articles per day and one of the articles is unique—simply useless!