Important Things University Students Should Be told Before They Graduate

Important Things University Students Should Be told Before They Graduate


Before university students graduate, they should be told 5 important things. More often, lecturers are concerned about students’ grades at the expensive of vital issue that could possibly affect their welfare outside college. As a student, these are the things you must know before you leave college.

  1. There’s no mob justice after college

It’s a norm that when students are in college, they tend to use mob justice as a way of dealing with an enemy. This habit isn’t applicable outside college due to laws regarding the rights of a victim.

There is one strange thing I see among fresh graduates. Since they are used to mob justice and mob psychology, they tend to think the idea is applicable in the work place. Shocks on them—things are solved differently at work.

One case happened in our office last year that left fresh graduates badly hurt. Salary had been delayed and the graduates were up in arms. They assembled other interns to demand for salary. They were making noise all over. The boss came, called them and told the watchman to chase them out of the compound. They were dismissed!

  1. Being broke is normal

After college, your parent won’t be on your side as it is the case when you’re still a student. It reaches a time you are even embarrassed to ask for money from your parent. At first it may look strange when you find yourself not having a coin in your pocket, but after some time, it becomes normal.

  1. College friendship ends immediately you graduate

In college you may have tight friendship but after graduation, unless you work in the same institution with your college friends, you will even forget they existed. One thing that happens mostly is that each starts their own life, some get married while others go abroad. While you are tackling your challenges, another friend is also tackling his, which leaves the two of you worlds apart.

  1. More degrees do not necessarily translate to more cash

In college every student believes that by accumulating more degrees they will certainly earn more than graduates with few degrees, which is not the case. In your work place, you’ll be surprised that the best paid employees are the less educated. The reality is, the world rewards talent more than academic papers.

  1. No Employer will pay you millions unless you prove yourself

Employers will always pay you peanuts until that time when you make them desperate for you.

It’s normal to hear this among university students,”you know I am doing a good course,I will be paid millions”. This is just building castles on air.

The only way to start earning better than normal graduates is to cut a niche for yourself.