How to Survive in Nairobi without a Job

How to Survive in Nairobi without a Job


At one time you will find yourself in Nairobi, jobless and desperate. How to survive is puzzle to many.Below are survival tips for unemployed Nairobians and those aspiring to migrate to the city.

Rent cost sharing

In 2008 I was in Nairobi, jobless and hopless.I had lived in a relative’s house for a while and it was time he told me the house was becoming small due to his every increasing family. I had to look for survival means.I called two of my friends who were equally in the same situation as mine. We arranged to contribute Ksh 500 each every month for rent. We then moved to Kayole and rented a single room of Ksh1, 500.That’s where we lived until every one of us got employed.

Rent cost sharing is one of the best ways to survive in the city. With this strategy, you can live comfortably for three or more years without being kicked out of the rented house.

Carrying luggage for visitors

There are common stages which are destinations for visitors from upcountry .If you don’t mind, you can position yourself strategically so that the visitors can pay you to carry luggage for them.A single visitor will pay you Ksh50 to Ksh200 and in a day you can collect up to Ksh3000.This is the best survival tactic in Nairobi

Become a tout

When you are jobless, you can do anything-becoming a tout is an option. Even if you are a graduate, shed that ego and throw yourself into any venture. Touting is a lucrative activity in Nairobi as it can keep you going as you continue searching for employment.

Remember touting is not allowed in Nairobi, but people do it anyway.

Seek casual jobs

There are numerous companies that offer casual jobs on daily basis. One company I know is Standard Media Group. People camp at the company’s gate every evening to be allowed to package newspapers. They are paid Ksh800 per night. The positions do not have permanent employees—anyone can do it.

You can also visit construction sites and do mjengo work. They pay up to Ksh1,500 per day.

Take food from the village

If you depend on food from supermarkets and groceries in Nairobi, you’ll find yourself dead broke. Carrying food from home will negate the spending costs on food;you will only remain with rent and if you’re cost sharing, rent won’t be a big deal.

Live with a university student

Most university students live outside their campuses. The rent is paid for by the parents. If you can sweet talk a university student and they allow you in, your life will be smooth until you secure employment.

Do Hawking

Hawking is a business you can start with as little as Ksh 1,000.There are over 10,000 people in Nairobi living off hawking.If you are not full of yourself,sink your thoughts here and you will survive even without a job