How to Get Free Email Subscriptions for your Blog

How to Get Free Email Subscriptions for your Blog


Email subscriptions are important for the growth of any serious business. Whether you own a blog or a business blog, you need email subscriptions so that you can keep growing your audience.Fortunately,there is a way to get new subscribers with email subscription tool known as GetResponse.

The year also has happened in the blogosphere; several bloggers have quit, businesses have suffered massive losses and companies have downsized due to Facebook newsfeed algorithm. But the only companies which have remained afloat are those growing their readership through email subscription.GetResponse has also been a pillar in this industry by providing a platform bloggers can use to earn email subscriptions.

What Get Response does is that it allows you to collect as many emails as possible such that when you have new stories, all your subscribers will have knowledge of it.The tool also allows you to chat and do video conferencing with your readers.

Assuming that you have 100,000 subscribers and you post regularly on your blog. Each time you post, all your subscribers get to read the information. This means even if you don’t have other readers besides your subscribers, you can get over 50,000 views per post from your subscribers.

Email subscription is particularly important for e-commerce websites and blogs that do affiliate marketing. You will be amazed that the moment you share a single article, over 10 people will buy the product you’re promoting and they will in turn share the information with others.

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