Crazy Things that Happen to People in Buses

Crazy Things that Happen to People in Buses


A bus is going from Nairobi to Mombasa.Suddenly the phone of one gal rings, she picks, “Honey am on my way to Kakamega for a burial, pliz send me credit.”

Another phone rings and a guy behind says,”Sweetheart I’m on my way to Eldoret for masters degree form, I will call you when I get there.”

After sometime another passenger phone rings, she picks and says,”Daddy, am on my way to Nakuru for the Job interview,i’ll call you later.”

A Maasai man sitting at the back gets so provoked he shouts,”Driver Stop! Where exactly is this bus really going!??”

In another bus, one heavily built passenger took his phone and started calling a person outside the bus. He said, “He is here,we will kill him once he alights”.Every man in the bus never dared to alight until the bus reached its destination.

In another incident, another man in a bus talked on phone in low tone “babe I love you, even your husband is here, let’s talk after I alight”. Even the driver stopped the bus to check the number the man was calling!