Boda Boda Rider Loses Ksh 20,000 To Sportpesa After His ‘Sure Bet’ on Germany Went Mafiongo!!!


A bodaboda rider by the name Onserio has lost Ksh20,000 from a sure bet on Germany vs Mexico game.

Onserio had chopped some of the money he got from a loan and hoped to get Ksh10, 000 as a profit. He had planned to give his wife part of the cash to his wife to start mitumba business.

Immediately Mexico scored,Onserio started clicking ,scratching and picking his nose severally. Germany almost scored in the 79th minute and the gambler was up in excitement, which was short lived.In the 90th minute,Onserio started talking to himself.People who were in the room heard him say,”loan yangu,loan yangu,hii Sportpesa ya mhindi isinitende leo”

After the referee finished the game,Onserio stayed pensively in his chair as other fans walked out.Unfortunately,his trouser was wet.It forced one of the bar attendants to come and inquire what had befell him.That’s when he explained about the loan .Efforts to seek for harambee to repay the loan fell on deaf ears as fans told him,”jipe shughuli,Ungekula ungetugawia?”