Shabiki Jackpot Predictions,22 September 2018:Earn Ksh 20 Million with Ksh 20 Bet


Last week we managed to get a bonus after we correctly predicted 4 games. This week we are aiming high and for our Shabiki subscribers, you might get more than 6 games which will earn you upwards of Ksh 100,000.

Shabiki jackpot bonus starts from 3 correct predictions and most of the gamers find it easy to play the jackpot as it requires one to state the total number of goals to be scored in a game.

This week, here are the predictions:

  1. Cardiff City vs Manchester City—2 goals
  2. Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United—3goals
  3. Leicester City vs Huddersfield Town—3goals
  4. Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers—3 goals
  5. Liverpool vs Southampton—3goals
  6. Real Madrid vs Espanyol—3goals
  7. Arsenal vs Everton—5goals
  8. Frosinone vs Juventus—3goals
  9. Barcelona vs Girona—2goals
  10. Olympique Lyonnais vs Olympique Mars—1goal

You can get better result by making adjustments to three games. If you  need another analyzed result with options of where to adjust, you can subscribe by paying Ksh 1000 to 0722927138.The subscription amount will also cater for daily predictions for one month.