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Here is Prophet Owuor’s Wife


Every time a married woman joins Prophet Owuor’s wife, divorce becomes the next thing. Nearly every woman in prophet Owuor’s ministry is single, which poses a question, who is prophet Owuor’s wife?

Apparently,Owuor was married to a white woman while in Israel,he even has a son. But after he started his ministry, he divorced the woman and left his child in Israel.

The Mighty Prophet of God is currently reciting in Kenya, leading a church with over 500,000 members.Interestingly,he has never bothered to marry, he argues that the repentance ministry does not permit one to serve God while having other responsibilities.

Owuor,who hails from Bondo,Raila’s home town, has convinced thousands of Kenyans into joining his church and he currently has a cult following.