Shocking! Why Kenyan Men Don’t Marry Women With Big Lips


For the past many decades Kenyan men have avoided women with big lips like a plague—they don’t marry them.Recently,as we were interacting,one man explained:

“Mimi wakati nilikuwa chuo I got a girlfriend .This lady was beautiful but her lips were a little bit big.I though it was only lips that were big and went ahead to start dating her,little did I know that I was to meet something else.The first day in bed was hell on earth,size yake ilikuwa kubwa kama lips zake.Niliboeka yangu yote”

Research shows that the bigger the size of a woman’s lips, the bigger the size of her private parts. Women with small lips often have small private parts and vice versa.

Since Kenyan men know that the lips are proportional to the size of the private parts, they avoid women with big lips….and even big mouth.