How to Apply for NHIF card


NHIF is a mandatory requirement for Kenyans working in government and private sectors. To apply for the NHIF card, there are several procedures to follow. NHIF application is done by visiting NHIF office near you.


When you are applying for NHIF card, here are the documents you should carry with you:

Kenyan Residents

  1. Copy of National I.D (including spouse if applicable)
  2. Copy of Employer Appointment/Introduction Letter (excludes self employed/voluntary contributors)
  3. Coloured passport photo (including spouse & dependants if applicable)
  4. Original & copies of Birth Certificate(s) for dependants

Foreign Residents

  1. Copies of passport, alien certificate or work permit (including spouse if applicable)
  2. Coloured passport photo (including spouse & dependants if applicable)

Foreign Students

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Coloured passport photo
  3. Submit the required amount under the Voluntary/Self Employed Category

In Nairobi,you can visit the following offices and apply for NHIF card:

Nairobi Nairobi NHIF Car Park Bldg, Gd Floor 30443-00100 NRB (020) 2723297/6/4
Nairobi Kenyatta KNH Hospital 30443-00100 NRB (020) 2723305
Nairobi Eastleigh Sunrise Shopping Mall 7468-00610 NRB (020) 8055788
Nairobi Westlands Bandari Plaza, 1stFl, Woodvale Groove 719-00606 Nairobi (020)4440019/020-4449922
Nairobi Kangemi Palace Bldg Cooperative Bank 719-00606 Nairobi
Nairobi Buruburu Mesora Centre 1177-00515 Buru-Buru (020)-2465577 /020-7786690
Nairobi Gikomba SK Plaza 1177-00515 020-2210026
Nairobi Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, Spine Rd off Kangundo Rd 1177-00515 Buruburu 020 – 2659608
Nairobi Industrial Area Liberty Plaza Opp imara Junction off Rd 143-00507 Viwandani 0775587958/020-2538871
Nairobi Ruaraka ICPAK Building near KCA university 1105-00618, Ruaraka (020)- 2465578

Once you visit NHIF office,you’ll be given a form to fill and submit it .Waiting period is between one week and one month.