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Best Companies to Look for Attachment in Kenya, 2019

Best Companies to Look for Attachment in Kenya, 2018


Since 2015 we have been advising fresh graduates on where to seek attachment. Over this period, thousands of graduates have benefits from our few points’ advice. In 2019 there are several companies which accept applications from fresh graduates and some companies that initially didn’t exist are in the list.

When you are seeking attachment,you go for companies that offer paid internships,those with prospects of employment,and those who appreciate interns by offering them long-term contracts.Fortunately,we have a couple of them in the country.

If you are seeking internship,here are the best companies to drop your CV.

Betting companies

Betting craze continues and as many Kenyans join the addictive game, betting companies are recruiting.Some of the top betting companies include Betin,1XBET,Betway and Sportpesa.

If you’re a job seeker, drop your CV in all the betting sites you know—you will be surprised how fast they will call you for interview.

Government ministries

You remember the president mentioning that hundreds of thousands of fresh graduates will be absorbed into the government through internships. The government has started rolling out the program and in two months’ time, over 10,000 graduates would have successfully joined the government as interns.

Equity Bank

Several banks registered losses but Equity bank survived the storm.From my own experience, when a company posts profits,it is more than willing to recruit.Currently,Equity Bank is the best bank to apply for internships.

I remember some years back,I told my friend to try his luck.He tarmacked to Upper Hill and dropped his CV.Two days later, he was invited for interview and got a job thereafter.

The best advice I can give you is not to apply through email: drop your CV at Equity Bank headquarters in Upper Hill.

Citi Bank

Citi Bank is another bank that that employs fresh graduates in numbers. You simply drop your CV at their Upper Hill office near British High Commission Office and wait for a call.You will be invited for an aptitude test and later a job, that is if you pass the interview.

Old Mutual Insurance/Britam

If you did a business related course, apply for attachment at Britam or Old Mutual Insurance.

There is one thing I don’t like about recent graduates. These guys complete school, they go to sleep at home and start bothering their relatives in Nairobi….that please look for a job for me, please connect me to someon.Nonsense!Once you have graduated, you are on your own,hustle,do everything at your disposal to secure employment.

Cytonn Investments

Cytonn Investments Ltd is one of the fastest growing real estate and investment companies in Kenya.The institution prefer to employ fresh graduates over experienced once.If you’re currently seeking internship, apply for one at Cytonn.


KRA offers paid internship for fresh graduates.Also,when you are working with them there are high chances you will be retained if you impress.The government institution is open for applications from March to June every year.The good thing is that if you are a top cream in regards to academics,you’ll definitely find a place at KRA.

Top blogs in Kenya

For journalism students, it’s now easier to secure internship than it was before. Top blogs like Tuko, ghafla,venas news,standardmedia and mpasho won’t deny you a chance to work for them.Take their contacts and send them your application.

What you may not be aware of is that some of these blogs pay more than some TV stations. For instance, Tuko will pay you over Ksh 80,000 once you’re confirmed as an employee.Mpasho will pay you above Ksh60,000 while at citizen, you will earn over Ksh50,000.At venas news,you will pocket over Ksh50,000 yet you work from home.

Brookside Dairy

Brookside is another company you should drop your CV in.The milk processing company is located in Ruiru and it belongs to Kenyatta family. Getting attachment at Brookside is not a difficult thing, from what I have experienced in the past.

You should also apply in other companies associated with Uhuru Kenyatta, they include CBA Bank, Heritage Hotel and K24.These companies are currently thriving.

Before I conclude,I would like to highlight some points in regards to application for internship.I know it’s difficult to secure internship in Kenya and due to competition,you’ll find most doors closed for you.The moment you step out of university, don’t relax,start searching for internship immediately.Go to job sites and collect all emails from the listed jobs,then write down a job application letter.Send each of the companies in your email list to request for internship.The request should be accompanied by application letter.

If you make a mistake and apply for the jobs only advertised on the newspapers, you’ll never be employed. Some of those jobs are advertised as a formality.