A touch of the future from Dubai


Dubai is a city that draws in visitors from all over the world and it continues to draw in more numbers due to the diversity the emirate has to offer. If you visit the city, you will always find an offering for you. Whether its shopping, an experience of culture, entertainment and if you need to experience a touch of what the future has to offer, then Dubai is the place to head to.

Holding several world records, Dubai is a world of wonder for those who like to experience different things. Below are some of the futuristic attractions that Kenyans should look out for in their next trip to Dubai.

Dubai frame

Museums don’t have to be boring and cities are using technology to make history more interactive and fun for visitors. The Dubai Frame is a breath-taking museum that houses the past, current and future of Dubai. Towering at an impressive 150m high and 93 metres wide, the giant frame incorporates technology to make experiences more interactive to visitors. Attracting visitors across all ages, the frame also features a state-of-the-art glass bridge that connects the two parallel vertical towers. This means that you get to experience walking on -crack-proof- glass 150m above the ground.

The museum has an immersive gallery where you experience attractions in 2D, 3D and projections that tell the story of the city. A ‘Virtual Metropolis’ will then guide guests through a ‘vortex tunnel’ stimulation, before revealing a virtual reality display of Dubai’s continued evolution, and experts’ predictions of the city’s future growth.

The hyper loop

A travel means of the future is coming to Dubai and will save you hours when touring the UAE. The loop uses electromagnetic propulsion through a vacuum loop with speeds up to 1,200 km/hour, cutting a 140km journey from 1 hour 20 minutes to 12 minutes. Around 10,000 people will be able to travel each hour when the hyper loop is open.

Shape- shifting tower

By 2020, Dubai will welcome to its skylines, an 80-storey building that will be another world first. Named the Dynamic Tower, the skyscraper will be able to shape shift! Allowing visitors to have their preferred view of the city, the Dynamic Tower will have apartments that will be able to rotate 360 degrees.

The 420 metres high building will allow each floor to rotate a maximum of 6 metres per minute, with a full rotation taking 3 hours. The science behind this innovation will enable the use of voiced technology to allow residents to get to their apartment’s trough speaking. The energy required by the tower will be from solar panels installed on the roof top.  There’s more; the tower also has a hotel with some tropical forest in it that gives you alluring moments during your stay in Dubai. These features assure you get to account for every penny spent and all will be worth your while.

The Dubai mall

Despite being the largest mall in the world, it is a compact tour destination for people visiting Dubai. Lifestyle has launched a store in the mall and this is where you ‘shop until you drop’. The store has been dubbed the store of the future as the design is tech-savvy with state-of-the-art features. It has a digital interface that enables shopping easy for the millennial and all consumers just by the use of their smart phones and touch screens as online shopping is enabled.  The mall is also home to one of the world’s biggest digital signage- the OLED. New to the advertising industry,  the digital signage has been demanded by customers for decades now. You also get to visit the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo which is an interesting experience especially for children who get educated on marine life and sustainability measures.